Play table knowledge to add Rolex V factory V7 in the end which several watch?

Speaking of rolex replica watches, had to mention its brand history and value orientation, according to the latest statistics, Rolex in China is already a well-known pronoun, and is also the most favorite uk replica watches brand. The number of people for the Rolex's knowledge is still stuck in the past nineties, are that ROLEX is the princess's watch. Because in the past years of the golden age of the road, there are many black subjects of the film often use gold and so on, perhaps because rolex uk rarely share their own brand history and product culture related. However, as long as the Rolex has more research on the watch fans will slowly find, in fact, Rolex is not as people think that "soil", it also has its own unique taste and quality adhere to. Submarine series ROLEX has always been to adhere to the precision and durability of the most basic requirements for the design, never like to create more complex style watches, the general function of the complex watches rarely appear in the store, in addition to Dietong Na series that this simple Of the watch is the Rolex family in the pillars, which submarine series of watches is the most well-known classic watch. In 2016, N factory launched V7 version of the water ghosts popular in the north and south, a reference to N plant V7, we will immediately think of Rolex black water ghost and green water ghost, but N plant V7 version far more than this few water ghost , Xiaobian today to give you a detailed description of friends, N factory V7 in the end which several watches. Comments: Rolex Blackwater Ghost low-key without losing introverted, not only has a strong luminous function, but also has a good sealing and stability, are N plant one of the five artifacts, sales have been among the best, but a bit rotten street. Comments: green water ghost modeling is very fashionable and high-profile, but also a lot of fans are keen on the style of the watch, even the female man is also captivated, most people difficult to control, is one of the N factory five artifacts, sales are very high The Comments: ROELX blue water ghost's popularity has not been high, not many people wear, be regarded as a very low-key watch. But that touch of blue also won a lot of watch fans, both highlight the charm of the ocean, but also fully embodies the steady gentleman style and low-key fashion style. Comments: no calendar ghosts from the overall appearance of the continuation of the classic Rolex style, subtle changes in the brand also reflects the ingenuity of the brand. The famous American movie star Will Smith with the models, the shape is very close to the black water ghosts. Comments: Ghost King of the gradual charm of the grave naturally, the disk from the blue over to the black, to the watch into the fresh vitality and extraordinary significance, suitable for large wrist watch fans wear. Comments: Black Ghost King Oyster Case, with a one-way rotating ceramic outer ring, equipped with anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass lens, the lens thickness of 5 mm, domineering side leakage, great playability. Comments: This is a green water devil SUB special edition of the N plant on the majority of fans of the warm feedback, but the counter is not a green diamond ring ghosts. Far away shiny and moving, near to see Tsui around beads Wai, the value of the ghost than the green ghost, very worthy of everyone to start. Comments: explorer type Ⅱ series is N factory recently launched V7 version, the biggest bright spot is to amend the order of the GMT needle. This is Rolex for the enthusiastic adventure of the watch fans carefully designed watches, even if wearing a strenuous exercise is also no problem. Comments: This white disc explorer type Ⅱ series watch, 3 o'clock for the calendar to enlarge the display window, at 6 o'clock position, 9 o'clock position and 12 o'clock triangular scale, and 24-hour bezel of Arabic numerals Scale design, are one by one highlight the readability of the watch and ornamental. Comments: This air bully series of watches, belonging to the pilot type of watch, but also Rolex only a pilot watch, Rolex is the entry-level preferred.

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