Rolex watches true and false identification of what tips

replica watches brand Rolex, in the domestic rolex replica watches market can be described as a household name, and many love watch people to buy the watch like to choose Rolex, watch market and even spread the "once and for all" argument. Especially in recent years,rolex replica Blackwater Ghost, Rolex Lv Gui have been sought after, in the watch market hot, the price is high, is the second-hand watch recycling market, a high value of a watch. Corresponding, counterfeit products came into being. Below, when the noble is still famous to teach you all-round identification, identify true and false Rolex black water ghosts First to Zhang full map, you can tell which two Rolex watches which is true which is false? Genuine watch dial: ink accumulation of natural, three-dimensional effect is very good, white ink accumulation layer thick. Imitation watch dial: and genuine gap is very small, but careful observation, you can see from the subtle, sharp enough sharp, three-dimensional less than genuine. Genuine watches and mirrors and calendar: coated light blue, the coating is located in the sandwich, the calendar text edge clear and no burr (can be observed in 8 times the eyepiece). Imitation watches and mirrors and calendar: the color of the coating is too blue, the coating in the outermost, the use of the process is easy to rub off, easy to see the edge of the calendar glitches, three-dimensional feel bad, the edge of the calendar box is not smooth ( Under eyepiece observation). Genuine watch pointer: workmanship, the edge of a rounded polished trace. Imitation watch pointer: sharp edges, the second hand shaft hole is lacking, similar to the iron directly stamping. Please click on this authentic watch hole: inverted triangle; imitation watches in the hole: no inverted triangle. Enter the picture description Look at the head again Genuine watch head wear: lettering deep, fine high, cross section does not scratch the hand. Imitation hand watch wearing: coding for the laser to fight, there is a gap between the font and genuine, the process is obvious difference, the edge of the ill-treatment, rough scratch. Genuine watch clasp: line thickness transition mild natural, streamlined and crown feast for the eyes. Imitation watch watch clasp: Although it seems very fine, but put together on the comparison, you can see the process gap. Imitation watch watch craft is significantly different, pit ring imitation metal processing marks obvious. Can you see the difference? Imitation goods as early as a few years ago can make the color and genuine very similar to the luminous, but even to the present, the luminosity of the durability is still not comparable with genuine.

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